Can You Own A Pet Giraffe?

Do giraffes make good pets? Unfortunately, not, yet many people are interested in this subject regardless. So, this page is focused on giraffe sales and contains all pertinent information on these unique creatures.

Having a giraffe as a pet might be appealing. However, while certain challenging features, such as size, are simple to comprehend, others might need to be considered.

Is It Legal To Own A Giraffe As Pet?

In several nations, including the United States and the United Kingdom, it is unlawful for individuals to keep giraffes as pets. Therefore, it is only possible to obtain a license if you intend to own one lawfully.

The procedure of gaining such a license is quite effortful and expensive. Therefore, it would be best to guarantee that you can fulfill all of the giraffes’ demands. Also, it would be best to protect the safety of both giraffes and people.

In most situations, this is done through a vast, durable fence.

Typically, only zoos and safari parks have sufficient resources to obtain authorization.

Do Giraffes Make Good Pets?

The sheer size of a giraffe alone disqualifies the creature for many people. Remember that wild animals may reach 20 feet tall and weigh more thanĀ 2,600 pounds.

Even routine actions like eating and grooming become a burden under such restrictions. When purchasing a giraffe, you must be clear of giddiness and have a sound mind.

Therefore, you will need to be creative with your lodging and meals.

The Suitable Giraffe Habitat

Giraffes dwell on the plains of mid-continent Africa; therefore, they prefer a warm and generally dry climate and need lots of room.

In most nations, you must provide a heated shed at least during the winter months. In addition, the shelter must be as tall as a two-story structure to accommodate giraffes.

But that is not all; you will also need a tall fence to prevent your giraffes from escaping. Also, the wall is essential to protect you, your friends, and your neighbors from animals.

Lastly, like deer, zebras, and most wild animals, giraffes require much area to wander. Therefore, you should allocate at least one acre, as you will have many giraffes.

Nutritional Requirements Of Giraffes

Giraffes are ruminants that consume a wide variety of plants and grains. Therefore, be reassured if a single person consumes more than 75 pounds of leaves daily.

Hence, if you wish to maintain your trees, you need to be prepared to often purchase new foliage.

In addition, giraffes forage for food in the crones of trees. Therefore, you must serve them food at the same altitude.

This may be a significant amount of effort, and you must also be able to pay for all the food.

Social Requirements Of Giraffes

Giraffes are gregarious animals that live in towers, also known as giraffe flocks. Typically, buildings include around 30 persons. Most of them are female, whereas the males move between different groups.

You cannot keep a sociable animal alone in captivity if you want a happy pet.

How long do giraffes as pets live?

Giraffes live between 20 and 25 years in the wild. However, unlike many other species, the lifetime in captivity does not grow significantly.

The average age of these exotic zoo animals is between 28 and 30 years. 

Veterinary Care

It isn’t easy to provide good veterinarian care for giraffes. Unfortunately, there are just a handful of physicians skilled with exotic animals, and your local veterinarian is unlikely to be one of them.

Zoos and institutes employ in-house veterinarians. But, unfortunately, they are just unavailable to individuals like me and me.

Where May I Purchase A Giraffe?

You will need help locating a breeder that sells giraffes.

About 20 giraffe breeders exist in the United States. Nonetheless, these are typically sold only to zoos and other institutions.

To acquire a giraffe privately, you must investigate the illegal market. Yet, there are more viable alternatives, and it is very unlawful.

How Much Does A Giraffe Cost?

From reading this article, you may have deduced that Giraffes are extremely costly creatures.

A healthy and young giraffe may cost more than $60,000 if purchased as an individual. Yet, it is not all.

The expense of the license, shed, fenced-in area, food, and veterinarian care will be substantial.

Possessing a giraffe is restricted to highly wealthy individuals with a private zoo permit.

Are Giraffes Friendly?

Yeah, giraffes are often sociable and gentle creatures. Nonetheless, they continue to dislike being petted.

Nonetheless, giraffes may become highly violent in certain conditions. This occurs, for instance, when you get between the mother and her calf. While rutting, men may be erratic as well.

Hence, giraffes are not more hazardous than other big animals. Yet, you should refrain from meddling with them because of their size and weight.

A giraffe’s kick can cause severe damage and can be lethal.

Wrapping Things Up

Giraffes do not make suitable pets. Only zoos and organizations such as safari parks and rescue centers can adequately care for such a rare species. The size alone is troublesome in terms of feeding and maintenance.

Furthermore, it is unlawful in many nations, including the United States, to keep wild animals as pets. The license that provides you authorization is hard to acquire and expensive.

Even if none of those, as mentioned earlier, factors had a part, most people could not afford this type of animal. One human costs more than a middle-class automobile. And that is without recurring expenditures for food, shelter, etc.


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