Can You Own A Pet Groundhog?

Do groundhogs make good pets? The brief response is no, but there is always more to say. Why someone would want a groundhog as a pet is the first question that comes to mind. Most people view them as a pest; each year, they ruin millions of gardens, flowerbeds, and vegetable crops. Apart from their “destructive” tendencies, they are simply adorable furballs.

Is It Okay To Have A Groundhog As A Pet?

Groundhogs cannot be kept as pets. Because they are native species, you would need a license or permission to own one in most U.S. and Canadian states.

Yet, if you capture one in your garden, you are prohibited from releasing it elsewhere. You can only hope they will leave your property or kill them.

But you would have difficulty caring for your new pet anyway. Believe me, it’s better for both of you!

Is It Possible to Domesticate Groundhogs?

No, you cannot domesticate groundhogs. Yet, they are tamable. I recommend reading the following part to learn how to befriend and tame a groundhog.

Domestication is accomplished by means of selective breeding. For example, because many people consider groundhogs, sometimes known as whistling pigs, to be pests and because they are prohibited, no one would breed these animals. Nonetheless, this is necessary for domestication.

Groundhogs: Friends or Foes?

The appearance of groundhogs is comparable to that of quokkas or capybaras. Yet, what is their true nature and behavior?

Groundhogs don’t mean to be cruel. The reverse is true. Bear in mind that groundhogs are wild creatures, despite their generally amiable demeanor.

They are herbivores and not predators, yet they are pretty capable of self-defense. Its claws and fangs are incredibly sharp, and its bites are painful.

Hence, they can be compared to hamsters, guinea pigs, and other tiny pets. They like playing and are amicable, yet they have their moods.

See a groundhog that enjoys hanging out with his human pal in the video below.

What To Feed A Pet Groundhog?

Their diet mainly consists of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, roots, and beets. Groundhogs are herbivores. Sometimes, they will also consume insects or snails.

There are items on the menu that we regard to be pests. Before attempting to evict woodchucks from our garden, we must reassess our perceptions of these animals.

Discovering something that a groundhog does not enjoy eating will be difficult.

Hibernation of Groundhogs

Groundhogs will hibernate even if kept in captivity. Hence, if you wish to keep one as a pet, you need to ensure that you are well-prepared.

Between the months of October and March, your animal companion will need a location that is completely undisturbed, dark, and chilly. Finding a suitable position in most houses is difficult.

Digging And Climbing Trees Are Groundhogs

Indeed, unlike moles, they are skilled diggers and avid climbers. This would need to ensure your pet groundhog cannot dig or climb out of the confinement.

As they require a lot of space to roam, you would have a severe problem with their habits. A cage is insufficient; a groundhog would be extremely unsatisfied and dissatisfied in such a setting. It will eventually escape if you allow it to roam freely in your garden.

Can You Purchase A Groundhog?

I’m sorry to disappoint you if you’re wondering where you may purchase a groundhog. Unfortunately, the proper response is nowhere! While keeping this animal is forbidden, you cannot just buy one from a pet store.

Even tiny pet breeders don’t have groundhogs for sale. One can only obtain one by stealing a baby from its mother. But doing so would be exceedingly immoral, so I hope you won’t.

So, what about encountering one in your garden? You will discover that, if you so choose, you and your partner may get along quite well.

How To Get Along With A Groundhog

A groundhog may be tamed just like any other wild rodent. The best route is typically over its food. Simply set up a bowl with some veggies, nuts, or roots next to your house, and wait for the woodchuck to come.

You make many attempts over the course of the game to get closer to the food bowl. Ultimately, after some time has passed, it is possible that it will be able to feed the groundhog manually. It’s also fascinating to hear about Rama, who became friends with a groundhog in her backyard.


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