Can You Own A Pet Hawk?

Can you have a hawk as a pet? Although it is feasible to maintain a hawk as a pet, I must agree that they do not make ideal pets. Yet, to possess a hawk, you must overcome various obstacles. This article describes the experience of owning a pet hawk.

Many of us have a unique affinity toward birds of prey. In general, though, having one is a minor expense. So whether we are discussing eagles, falcons, or hawks, leaving these animals in the wild is preferable.

In addition, many individuals who decide to get one discover they are seeking something else. Hawks lack a distinct personality, dislike spending time with humans, and are labour-intensive.

Is It Legal To Own A Hawk?

This is the first issue when individuals decide to keep a hawk as a pet. Under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, these birds are protected in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

It is against the law to keep pet birds native to these nations. This prohibition can be circumvented in the case of raptors by becoming master falconers.

A falconer may own birds of prey, such as vultures. To be clear, though, acquiring the license requires substantial effort. For instance, you must locate a falconer who would accept you as an apprentice.

Following a few years of study, a licensure examination must be passed. Do you believe you are now permitted to own a pet hawk? Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. The state will send a representative to inspect your bird’s enclosure and habitat.

Only if everything fits the requirements can you proceed.

Pet Hawks Eat Much Food

Hawks consume a lot of food and prefer complete creatures as their natural prey. So be ready to provide them with rabbits, rats, mice, and quails.

If that is not an issue, I must remind you that you would need a place to keep all the deceased animals. Unfortunately, your refrigerator is too tiny, so you must get a second one and fill it with hundreds of mice and other corpses.

Almost often, there are leftovers after your bird has finished eating. You are responsible for cleaning up the mess. Not to add the rapid decomposition of corpses throughout the heat. The odour is terrible.

On the financial front, you must budget $3 daily for food.

A Cage Is Not Enough

Pet birds live in cages, and they will fly through your rooms now and then, right? Nothing could be worse for eagles.

They require an immense aviary with a protective cage against extreme weather conditions. Aim to devote a substantial portion of your garden to this habitat. Need to possess a garden? You may construct it inside, but you’ll need an entire room for your bird.

Prepare yourself to clean it daily. You would have to clean up many hawk droppings.

Pet Hawks Need To Free Fly

Hawks must be able to soar freely every day. The act of confining them to their enclosure is harsh and arbitrary.

When you release your bird into nature, it is always possible that he will opt to stay and never return.

It should be evident by now that these birds require much time. The idea is that only you and another falconer are permitted to do it.

This implies that you can only go on vacation if you can bring your pet. There are few possibilities, and many trip places are impossible.

Pet Hawks Cost Much Money

Now that you know how to acquire a pet hawk, let’s discuss the associated costs. How much does a hawk cost? Indeed, it depends. Age, whether or not the bird is already taught, and species are variables.

Although there are 16 species of raptors in the United States and Canada, the red-tailed hawk is the most prevalent species among falconers. Various websites indicate costs ranging from 600 to 5000 dollars.

Training a hawk takes a great deal of time so a successful hunter will cost you upwards of USD 2,000.

After the bird has been purchased, the actual costs begin to accrue. It would help if you had the aviary and other equipment for falconry.

Hawks Need A Special Vet

Few veterinarians have expertise in treating birds of prey and are qualified to do so. Be prepared to travel large distances, even for unavoidable routine checkups.

Vets with qualifications for hawks will submit accumulating invoices.

Hawks Don’t Like To Be Petted

Last but not least, you will be required to invest time and money into a pet that, at most, tolerates you. Hawks dislike spending time with humans and do not enjoy being petted.

Are you searching for a unique individual? Then, you might consider getting a macaw instead of a hawk.


Owning a pet hawk is a complex issue, and the answer ultimately depends on several factors. In many countries, owning a hawk as a pet is illegal due to wildlife protection laws. Even in countries where it is legal, owning a hawk requires significant knowledge and expertise in falconry, a sport that involves training birds of prey to hunt. In addition, hawks are wild animals that need specialised care and attention to maintain their health and well-being. Furthermore, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a hawk is often high. While it may be tempting to own a pet hawk, it is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly and requires careful consideration and dedication.

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